Are We There Yet?

New year…. new work. I’m in the studio daily with deadlines looming! an exhibit upcoming February 17th for the Delta Arts Alliance has me painting like mad! As always the winter landscape of the Mississippi Delta intrigues with its muted and mysterious colors. It always inspires!

25 new and slightly new pieces were delivered Tuesday to Cleveland for the show. Hope to see lots of faces Next Tuesday – 5:30- 7:30


Love Thy Neighbor
Love Thy Neighbor

Smoke on the Water

smokeonthewaterHere’s an image of new work completed recently at the Mississippi Art Colony Fall workshop.

“Smoke on the Water” is acrylic on canvas and is currently in a theme show “Name that Tune” at Attic Gallery, Vicksburg.
This piece was conceived while sitting by the lake at camp early in the morning with hot coffee in the cold air! The lake had a mist rising off the water every morning that was a little creepy and a lot mesmerizing! Had to do this painting!