Artist at WorkI am a painter, working primarily in acrylic with the occasional mixed media experimentation. My work is abstract , most often non-objective but sometimes representational, and always inspired and informed by the Mississippi Delta landscape. A favorite instructor once advised, “Paint what you know.” I felt like one of the long-time struggles of my artist’s experience had just abruptly ended, with both a sense of relief and trepidation. I knew what I would paint, and yet I had no idea whether or not I would be able to express my relationship with the landscape I am so familiar with, and to which I am so attached.

Having spent my childhood here in the Delta, and growing up as a bit of a tom-boy with an adventurer’s heart, I’ve explored the fields and pastures and woodlands that surround me! I feel an intimate attachment to and fascination with the Mississippi Delta. The agriculture industry has long been the dominating force in shaping the landscape that surrounds me, and yet with the slightest bit of neglect, it rapidly retreats to the wild, tangled wilderness it’s been pulled from. Rich soil, big trees, winding bayous and creeks, endless turnrows and acres of forest are the back drop for the carefully ordered farms with rows of cotton, soybeans and corn. These are the things I know best and love to paint.

My painting style consists of colorful underpaintings, with layers of paint building a surface rich with color and textures. I often use lines and markings for visual interest and to define the space, which is often rather flat. I paint exclusively in acrylic and enjoy the immediacy and flexibility of the medium. I can scrape into the surface or spray with water for drips that allow the underpainting to peek through and create depth, and mystery. I continue building layers and defining the space until the piece feels finished. The palette I work with reflects the landscape, and I see the rich reds and blues and purples combining with the greens and rich umbers and ochre of the Delta. I paint on canvas, paper and occasionally, panel. Every now and then, I play with a new technique or mixed media or new subject matter, but I always go back to the landscape, where I most easily find my creative voice.

My work is represented by Attic Gallery, Vicksburg, MS. And T. Clifton Fine Art, Memphis I have been privileged to have had my work selected in local, regional and national juried exhibits, and have been the recipient of numerous awards. I have been twice invited to participate in the Florence Biennale in 2011 and 2013, and was the recipient of a Professional Development Grant by the Mississippi Arts Commission in 2009.


Jamie teaches private classes for both young students and adults, and conducts workshops on acrylic paint, image transfer, and abstract painting. She currently is the Travel Show Coordinator for the Mississippi Art Colony, for which she served as Executive Director for 20 years. In addition, Jamie supports her local arts organizations and is a member of the Delta Branch of NLAPW.

She served as National Art Chair for the National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW) for 5 years (2009-2014), and is currently serving a two year term as Ethics Chair for that organization. Jamie resides in Stoneville, Mississippi with husband Bud, and very near her children and grandchildren!